This is the landing page for the paper entitled Governify for APIs: SLA-Driven ecosystem for API governance

Antonio Gamez-Diaz, Pablo Fernandez and Antonio Ruiz-Cortes

Universidad de Sevilla - {antoniogamez, pablofm, aruiz}

As software architecture design is evolving to a microservice paradigm, RESTful APIs are being established as the preferred choice to build applications. In such a scenario, there is a shift towards a growing market of APIs where providers offer different service levels with tailored limitations typically based on the cost.

In such a context, while there are well-established standards to describe the functional elements of APIs (such as the OpenAPI Specification), having a standard model for Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for APIs may boost an open ecosystem of tools that would represent an improvement for the industry by automating certain tasks during the development.

In this paper, we introduce Governify for APIs, an ecosystem of tools aimed to support the user during the SLA-Driven RESTful APIs’ development process. Namely, an SLA Editor, an SLA Engine and an SLA Instrumentation Library. We also present a fully operational SLA-Driven API Gateway built on the top of our ecosystem of tools. To evaluate our proposal, we used three sources for gathering validation feedback: industry, teaching and research.


SLA Editor

SLA-Driven API Gateway

SLA Engine

SLA Instrumentation Library

Resources used in the paper

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